Since our beginning, VMS has always been our clients choice for water based tree operations. We pride ourselves on being specialists in this challenging environment.

As VMS grew so did our reputation for being the company to use for water based Arboriculture and Vegetation Management, with our client base growing alongside a spread in operational areas, completing programmed works and responding to emergency call outs from the Cumbrian Hills to the low level channels of the Isle of White and everywhere in between.

VMS offer a unique delivery option to all our partners as we have extensive proven ability in producing solutions for tree management near or on watercourses. From detailed Tree Risk Surveys to specialist plant and cost effective delivery methodology that is often overlooked by our competitors, a comprehensive package can be delivered effectively using the experience of our team with over 30 years knowledge and delivery on the UKs river systems.

Water Based Services

Water Based Structure Maintenance

Clearing and maintaining assets is not something that just anyone can do. Pairing climbing techniques, with the dangers of working around water and in confined places – is a task worthy of VMS’ talented staff.

Structures Clearance

Water Based Tree Removal

Our arborists are professionally trained, registered, insured and certified. Each team member values safety above all else. We are one of the leading companies in the sector who specialise in in-stream tree removal.

Water Based Tree Clearance

In Channel Clearance

Using expertise from across the business, VMS staff are trained, qualified and prepared for whatever emergency or hard to access location that needs de-veg work.

In Channel Management

Emergency Call Outs

Using expertise from across the business, VMS staff are trained, qualified and prepared for whatever emergency that may arise. With a fully equipped on call team we can expect to be on site within 2hours of most calls being received, day or night, rain or shine.

Emergency Call Outs

Services Overview

“I have over 20 years’ experience in Arboricultural and construction works, and with this experience, I hope to drive the business forward and make positive changes in our approach to such a technically complex industry, to make it safer and better place to work . VMS are all about changing things for the better.”

Steve Procter, Head of Arb and Water North


“The full company is a great company to be involved within as each division can come together to work together. We hope to be a one stop shop!”

Sarah Ransom, Arb Manager

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