Securing those hard to reach places


Securing those hard to reach places

Not every asset is easy to reach, maintain and assess. When it isn’t, the teams at VMS are on hand to reach those awkward yet vital places.

We are passionate about what we do and have developed a highly skilled and experienced workforce designed to provide the quality of service our clients expect, whilst adopting best practice safety processes. We employ our own in-house teams ensuring we achieve the highest levels of delivery, quality and safety. We also utilise in house plant and equipment for the safe and efficient delivery of materials to site and removal / reinstatement of any linings to the Arches.

Services Overview

“VMS will undertake the removal of all linings and support our clients Examiners in any way we can to ensure our client can deliver the required visual or detailed examination so that any repairs required can be scheduled for instruction at a short notice if required. Additionally, as our Rail and Civils teams hold Vegetation competencies, we can clear vegetation, treat vegetation, and remove from site at all locations.”

– Nathan Jacquest, CEFA Contracts Manager



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Case Study

In late 2018, Network Rail sold the lease of its Railway Arches and 5,200 estate properties nationally.

Concerns have been raised that the selling of space under railway arches, which are popular for start-ups and local businesses, can make it “almost impossible” for inspection and maintenance to be carried out by engineers.

Suggestions have been made that; the selling of the leasehold for 150 years is likely to lead some to some “major difficulties in a few years” due to defects already hidden behind linings.

At VMS, we work with our valued client (Bridgeway Consulting) to ensure that we remove all linings required to enable a successful examination of the structure.
With dedicated teams, we can mobilise anywhere within the UK and undertake the required SETAN or full strip of any arch, day or night, 24hours a day / 7 days a week. On completion of the examination, VMS will reinstate the linings, often to a better quality than the original installation.