Public Open Spaces

Reclaiming unused land is our passion

Public Open Spaces

Our work on Public Open Spaces is what truly stands VMS out from the crowd. With our understanding teamed up with your vision we can turn old, disused and discarded land into a community asset that will only getter better with age.

At VMS we pride ourselves on doing things that others can’t do and this involves taking on projects that others wouldn’t even consider. With innovative technology, careful planning, attention to detail and a can do attitude even the biggest and most unusual jobs can be overcome.

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Case Study: Grange and Country Park

During the Spring of 2021, VMS were given the herculean task of transforming a substantial area of derelict land and arable fields into a thriving and enjoyable local amenity space. With the help of trusted suppliers and a fair amount of ingenuity, we were able to turn around the development in an exceptionally tight time frame following a prolonged flood event.