Tree Planting

Giving back for future generations

Tree Planting

As a vegetation management company, we know that more often than not, our clients will ask us to remove trees rather than plant some more, so when we do get the opportunity to give something back we jump at it.

As qualified arborists we want to see the towns, cities and the countryside supporting mature trees and woodlands and as such VMS takes pride in the fact that we are asked to restock and replenish this vital natural and local resource.

Of our nine core business objectives for 2022-23, three of these are focused on improving and enhancing the local environment, giving back to local groups, organisations and charities by creating wildlife rich and inviting spaces for plants, animals and people.

Whether you are planting a hedgerow, replacing a mature specimen, installing a mature tree or even starting a new woodland from scratch, our team of highly capable and hard working operatives are able to get the work completed on time and to the highest possible standards.

Case Study

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